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Internship Program: Video
Internship Program: Video

PIP is changing the lives of hundreds of young Palestinian people through real-work experiences, hands-on workshops, and professional networking opportunities. We guide 40 Finalists, selected from over 300 applicants, through 6-month-long cycles of programming. To date, over 60 companies in Israel have hired Palestinian interns, including leading multinational companies such as Google, Intel, Thomson Reuters, HP Indigo and Teva, as well as a number of start-ups and venture capital firms.

65% of Interns are offered full-time positions

95+ Members of the Alumni Network

50% Female Interns

Interns from West Bank and East Jerusalem

Internship Program: List


Palestinian tech graduates: "jump start" your career and intern at high-tech companies



Tap into exceptional talent and bring diversity to your teams - Hire a Palestinian Intern with PIP

Women Holding Hands


Mentor, lead a workshop, or sponsor an intern. With your support PIP & PMP will thrive!

Internship Program: Programs


Dozens of companies have benefited from PIP's top talent.
PIP's exclusive Host Company Network includes multinationals, startups, and VCs from all industries

Struggling to find diverse talent? PIP Internships help companies meet their CSR and Diversity needs

Need talent on a budget? PIP Internships offer top-tier talent at affordable costs

Internship Program: About Us


To date, PIP participants have completed 95+ successful Internships. Hear what a few of our Alumni have to say about their experiences.


"On one of my lucky days, I was exploring my Facebook and I saw ads about an internship with PIP. I opened the website and I read some of the success stories. It inspired me and I found myself sending my application to what would become the greatest opportunity of my life. Starting with the amazing workshops, to the continuous and immense support from the wonderful PIP team, to interning at Colabo - this entire experience has been life changing. I am now working at Colabor, and have found a place where I fit in, that is similar to my personality, and to my way of thinking. Thank you, PIP."

Enas, PIP Participant at Colabo


"I chose to join PIP because it’s a unique program that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I believe will affect my career and my life. Interning in Feelit Technologies has gained me a valuable experience as a mechanical R&D engineer through working with an extremely experienced team. Meanwhile watching how these amazing entrepreneurs run such a start-up professionally have changed my mentality about how leaders should look like."

Yazan, PIP Participant at FeelIT Technologies


"When I first graduated I had many ideas for projects and startups. My PIP experience helped me focus on the more viable options and fine tune these ideas. PIP opened my eyes to the global market and helped me gain a unique experience that I wouldn't have had in Palestinian IT companies. PIP gave me the opportunity to work with smart and professional people and gain work experience in an innovative and cutting edge environment. I analyze problems differently now, and this opportunity has opened new doors for me. Currently, I’m focusing on building my career in Data Science and Analytics and gain enough experience to hopefully prepare me to start my own business in Palestine."

Nadine, PIP Participant at Intel


"My PIP internship improved my English, taught me how to prepare feasibility studies, and helped me understand how a successful company works."

Mahmoud, PIP Participant at Gigawatt Global


"I had my internship exactly as I wished, and it helped me become who I am today. In the beginning, it wasn't easy to get an internship as a project manager that checked all my boxes, until we found this opportunity at Rawabi TechHub to work on a transportation application that helps people commute better by tracking shuttles and sharing rides. PIP helped secure pocket money and housing fees. And with their workshops and network, it helped me connect with smart people and create better solutions.
I think that the entire PIP experience and network has given me more passion and courage to dream big. To not to be afraid of going for things that might sound impossible. At this internship, I learned how to build a startup, and how to acquire an investment. And today I am proud to say that I have my own funded startup, my freedom, and a great network of smart people. I give my thanks to Anna and Marwan, especially for those endless workshops and meetups they organized."

Adnan, PIP Participant at Rawabi Tech Hub


Lubna completed her internship at Teva Pharmaceuticals in 2016. At Teva, Lubna was responsible for leading an e-health project in Teva’s R&D Department. This internship provided her with an entirely new set of skills in project management, and opened many new doors for her in a field that drastically differed from what she had studied. As the only Arab and Palestinian employee in the department, Lubna was a source for a lot of curious and interested Israelis who never had the chance to interact with Palestinians. Through their discussions and conversations, she was able to educate and share her reality and the reality of Palestinians.

"The professional connections I made during my internship have now given me a lot more work opportunities than I had before joining PIP."

Lubna, PIP Participant at Teva Pharmaceuticals

Mohammad Wari.jpeg

"I completed my internship with PIP at Lool VC in 2015. There, I was lucky to enter a very sophisticated industry and learn, from the inside, how it works. Throughout my internship, I was exposed to the world of startups, business pitches, and entrepreneurs. PIP gave me the chance to turn around my career and enter hi-tech by getting inside knowledge about startups at one of the best VCs in the region. This internship experience was another building block to my career development."

Mohammad, PIP Participant at Lool Ventures


"My overall experience in PIP was fascinating. It gave me the opportunity to step forward in my career by interning at a hi-tech host company and acquiring experience in the software development field. The PIP organization is very helpful for Palestinian graduates, and for the Palestinian economy in general. It has wonderful events and offers a wide network for professional communication and relationships. I'm pretty sure that the experience I’ve acquired during my internship and during the post-internship period will help me significantly in furthering the Palestinian economy. I hope that PIP continues to grow and become a well known program for both potential host companies and for Palestinian graduates, and that it continues to achieve successful results. I want to thank all PIP members, especially Anna."

Murrad, PIP Participant at Colabo


"I interned at a Tel Aviv-based startup and continued working with them for another two years afterwards. I got a lot of experience in my field."

Natalie, PIP Participant at Start A Fire


Sari worked for several months at a VC firm having little to no knowledge of investment before joining PIP. Through PIP, Sari made a very strong connection with his mentor at the VC, its managing partner. After two attempts at founding a startup, he began working for the Rawabi project, developing the city's tech community.
"Doing my PIP Internship at a venture capital firm helped me a lot when I then went on to found my own startup company."

Sari, PIP Participant at Takwin

Internship Program: Testimonials
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