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Stages to Applying

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PMP accepts community nominations and direct applications. If nominated, you will receive an email from PMP with information and the application once recruitment opens. You may also apply directly through this link. 

PMP arranges information sessions for interested applicants. If you cannot make it to a session, you’re welcome to visit our FAQs below or inquire through the website or Facebook. 


We encourage all interested Palestinian entrepreneurs and business leaders to apply to PMP. PMP has no application cost and does not mean the applicant has committed to participating. Applications are made via the “APPLY NOW” section of our website.


PMP carefully assesses all applications. Those with the potential for a successful Mentorship with our network of high-tech executives will receive an interview invitation. Given the high number of applications received, PMP cannot interview all applicants.

Following the interview, PMP selects candidates for the Mentee cohort. Those selected have been deemed as a good match for the resources available in PMP and represent the program's values. 

Those selected will be asked to demonstrate their commitment to the program with a 300 NIS participation fee to PMP.



Accepted Mentees will participate in an intensive orientation, and then be matched with a Mentor through a mutual selection process. Mentees will participate in 6 months of KPI-focused Mentor meetings, entrepreneurial skills development workshops, and networking events. 






Why YOU should be a PMP participant:

PMP empowers exceptional Palestinian tech entrepreneurs, executives, and startups by connecting them to a global network of Mentors from Israel, Europe, the United States, the Gulf, etc. PMP fills a market gap by connecting Mentees who lack vital access to foreign partners, Mentors, and companies that have succeeded in similar endeavors, building bridges between Palestine's developing startup ecosystem and markets abroad. 


PMP participants are matched with one or more Mentors with whom they meet virtually twice monthly. Mentee and Mentor partners work to address key business challenges, strategize management & growth, and connect to global business networks. Participants also engage in Mentor-led entrepreneurial skill-building workshops and network with exceptional business leaders, expanding their connections in Israel, Palestine, and International high-tech ecosystems

PMP is building one of the largest entrepreneurial networks in Palestine and aims to create a community founded on mutually-beneficial partnerships. PMP Alumni are future leaders of the Palestinian tech ecosystem. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

If you're ready, submit your application! If you still have some questions, reach out to chat with a PIP team member.

Who can be nominated or apply?

Ideal PMP candidates are:

  • Entrepreneurs already running their own tech-focused companies

  • From the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza

  • CEOs/CTOs/CMOs,etc. with clear pain points, and can articulate how a mentor from our global pool of experts might help them address their challenges

  • Up-and-coming men and women leaders in the tech ecosystem (We aim for a 50-50 gender split)

Find the PMP application online:

You can nominate/apply via the links above, or by filling out the form below.

Fill out the online application in English. Once submitted, you will be contacted for an interview. Please note that new cycles begin in January and July, and interviews begin 2 months prior to new cycles.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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