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PIP participant at Intel
“PIP gave me the opportunity to work with smart, professional people and gain work experience in an innovative, cutting edge environment.”
PIP participant at Gigawatt Global
"My PIP internship improved my English, taught me how to prepare feasibility studies, and helped me understand how a successful company works."
PIP participant at Lool Ventures
“PIP gave me the chance to turn around my career and enter hi-tech by getting inside knowledge about startups at one of the best VCs in the region.”
PIP participant at Teva Pharmaceuticals
"The professional connections I made during my internship have now given me a lot more work opportunities than I had before joining PIP."
PIP participant at Start A Fire
"I interned at a Tel Aviv-based startup and continued working with them for another two years afterwards. I got a lot of experience in my field."
PIP participant at Tawkin
"Doing my PIP internship at a venture capital firm helped me a lot when I then went on to found my own startup company."
PIP participant at GEOformation
"PIP gave me access to companies that by myself I wouldn't have been able to reach, while the program was also rich with workshops and other events."
PIP participant at HP Indigo
"My PIP internship at HP Indigo gave me worldwide exposure and the chance to work with experts in my field."
Some of our host companies so far