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Exceptional Entrepreneurs

PMP connects Palestinian entrepreneurs to a network of experienced mentors in Israel, Europe, and the United States. Launched in the summer of 2020, PMP was founded with the understanding that Palestinian tech entrepreneurs, executives, and startups in Palestine lack vital access to foreign partners, mentors, and companies that have had success in similar endeavors. PMP aims to fill this needed market gap and to build bridges between Palestine’s developing startup ecosystem and markets abroad. These close, one-on-one mentorships build lasting connections between exceptional businesspeople in the Palestinian tech sector and their international counterparts.

PMP accepts up to 20 Mentees per 6-month cycle from Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank, and matches them with a Mentor from the PMP Global Mentor Network. The Mentor Pool is comprised of business professionals, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs eager to connect with and help their Mentees overcome professional challenges.

Join an exclusive network of industry leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, and coaches. Or Nominate a mentee. Either way, we're excited to have you on board.

80+ Mentees from Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Gaza

90+ Mentors located across Israel, North America, Europe, Asia, and the Gulf

Industries include venture capital, marketing, finance, product positioning, business development, and sales

What Makes a (Good) Mentor?

PMP has built a network of over 90 Mentors, all of whom are excited to invest their time in PMP participants.

Current Mentors are located in the United States, Israel, Europe, Asia, and the Gulf, and are mid-and-senior-level professionals working at venture capital firms, high-tech and software companies, successful startups and law firms. Our Mentors have diverse subject-matter expertise and know-how, including marketing, business development, product positioning and development, and sales backgrounds. They are committed to the program and have the ability to help Mentees as required.

Mentors are continuously accepted into the Global Mentor Pool from a variety of industries including Venture Capital, Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Product Management, Sales, Software, and others. Let us know when you want to come on board.

What Our Mentors Are Saying

“Being a mentor to Palestinian Entrepreneurs is my small contribution for a better world for my kids and an invaluable way to enrich my own network and knowledge.”

Gai Hetzroni
CEO, Israeli Palestinian Chamber of Commerce

Global Mentors Empowering Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Through Mentor-Mentee matching and high-level workshops, we engage Palestinian tech leadership in economic cooperation, further opening up Palestine’s tech ecosystem. 


The Mentorship relationship forms the core of PMP's programming with 80+ Mentees and 90+ Mentors. Potential Mentees - many of whom are referred by others in the PIP/PMP community - apply for the program by outlining key professional challenges they plan to address with the guidance of a Mentor. Mentees participate in a matching process with our Mentor pool to based on mutual preferences to determine the best fit for a Mentor-Mentee relationship.


Mentees connect with one another, forging business partnerships within the Palestinian ecosystem


Mentees gain access to PMP's entire 90+ pool of Mentors, where they can tap legal expertise, business advice, and more.


PMP facilitates professional development workshops to provide more avenues for professional development and networking to our participants. PMP workshops are conducted quarterly and focus on the areas of improvement identified by Mentees and Mentors. This allows our participants to gain skills that are tailored to their specific contexts and needs.


Mentors open doors to new markets for Mentees, helping them tap new business opportunities


Mentees receive guidance for fundraisng, investment meetings, and how to best navigate everything finance!

Meet our Mentees

Adnan Jaber is a Co-Founder of Yalla Reyada. He joined PMP in Cycle 2 and was matched with his Mentor, Omar Darwazah, Managing Director and General Partner of Arab Angel Fund. Together, they have been developing Adnan's business plan, pitch deck and partnerships, improving Adnan's growth mindset and business success.

Adnan Jaber

Co-Founder Yalla Reyada

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