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The Palestinian Internship Program (PIP) provides young Palestinian professionals with internships at leading Israel-based multinational tech companies, start-ups, venture capital funds, and other companies. Founded by Yadin Kaufmann in 2014, PIP is a US-registered not-for-profit organization, backed by USAID and several other funders. So far, PIP has completed over 60 internships at over 30 companies including Google, Intel, Thomson Reuters, HP Indigo, and Teva. Interested in joining the next cycle ? Now is the time to get in touch by clicking here!

About PIP’s Interns

The internship is intended for highly talented Palestinian graduates, especially in the fields of ICT, engineering, business, marketing, and finance. Increasingly, PIP is now organizing internships in other fields too, such as medical research and solar energy. PIP’s pool of candidates comes from an educated and technically talented Palestinian workforce where over 2,000 IT students graduate university each year. However, due to a lack of opportunities, more than half are believed to be unemployed, while those who find work often have to settle for low-skilled positions or leave their field of expertise. PIP offers participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill their potential and, ultimately, contribute to developing the Palestinian economy. PIP carefully selects internship candidates based on educational background, work experience, English proficiency, and personal attributes. Approved applicants are then proposed to suitable host companies for their own evaluation and approval process.

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