Palestinian Mentorship Program

The Palestinian Mentorship Program (PMP) empowers exceptional Palestinian Tech Entrepreneurs by connecting them to a global network of mentors. Launched in Summer 2020, PMP was founded with the understanding that Palestinian tech entrepreneurs, executives, and startups lack vital access to foreign partners, mentors, and companies that have had success in similar endeavors. PMP aims to fill this market gap and to build bridges between Palestine’s developing startup ecosystem and markets abroad.

So, How Does it Work?

The mentorship relationship forms the core of PMP's programming. Mentees participate in a 'mutual selection' matching process with our Mentor pool to identify the best mentor-mentee relationships. This personalized matching process allows participants to connect to Mentors who can speak specifically to their needs and open up new opportunities in relevant professional fields. To learn more about PMP, click HERE.

Executive Mentor Pool

PMP Mentors come from around the world and include business and tech leaders in the following fields:

  • Venture Capital (fundraising, finance, networking)
  • Marketing
  • Product Positioning
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Technology

Current Mentors are located in the United States, Israel, Europe, Asia, and the Gulf, and are mid-and-senior-level professionals working at venture capital firms, high tech and software companies, successful startups, law firms, and more.

As a PMP Mentor, you will:

  1. Help support an exceptional Palestinian entrepreneur or high-tech executive to identify and address key challenges in their company and career.
  2. Share strategies and best practices from your own experience that can increase the chances for the Mentee's professional success.
  3. Gain valuable insight into an emerging startup market.
  4. Further develop your mentorship experience and skillset.
  5. Meet a broad group of exceptional Palestinian entrepreneurs and high-tech professionals, as well as other Mentors engaging the community.
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Meet the Mentees

PMP Mentees are passionate entrepreneurs, senior executives, and professionals eager to expand their professional networks, overcome challenges facing their businesses, and looking to surpass career obstacles.
As a PMP Mentee, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with your mentor to analyze, identify, and address key challenges in your company
  • Learn management strategies and best practices from successful business leaders
  • Gain vital career growth insight from an expert in your field
  • Expose your company to foreign networks and establish international connections

Over a period of one year, you will have access to structured strategic partnerships, intensive skills workshops, and be a part of a professional cohort of like-minded, talented individuals.

"Because of PMP, I have an incredible opportunity to develop relationships with senior tech executives from around the world. I'm excited to work with these industry leaders and to see the positive impact this will have on me and my company."
Adel Jodalah
Radix Technologies

Applications to the Mentee cohort open a few months prior to a new Cycle.
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For more information on PMP, or to support PMP in another capacity, please be in touch with PMP Director, Ari Gore at