Internship Applications

Are you a Palestinian student or professional in the early stages of your career? Are you looking for work experience in a particular field? Do you want to be exposed to professional life at a leading company and contribute to its success? If so, the Palestinian Internship Program is the place for you!


The Palestinian Internship Program (PIP) arranges paid work experience opportunities for Palestinian professionals in fields such as information and communication technology (ICT), marketing, finance, and bio-medicine. Internships take place at leading multinational companies, Israeli and Palestinian tech start-ups, investment firms, and others, most of which are based in the Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Ramallah areas. The program also includes workshops led by top entrepreneurs and business school professors, visits to leading companies, and networking events that will help you gain job market exposure. So, if you are a budding professional passionate about developing Palestine’s knowledge-based economy and advancing your personal career, please apply via the "APPLY NOW" link above!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PIP's mission? 

PIP’s mission is to provide participants in the program with valuable work experience and skills that will enable them to contribute to the growth of the Palestinian private sector, particularly tech innovation.

Why is PIP providing internships?

PIP has identified a lack of employment opportunities for young Palestinian university graduates. This has led either to a ‘brain drain’ of graduates going abroad to the West or the Gulf, or to their falling into unskilled labor or unemployment. PIP - supported by funders such as USAID and the US Consulate in Jerusalem - sees an opportunity to help develop the skills and experience of Palestinian graduates through internships at successful companies.

What type of organization is the Palestinian Internship Program (PIP)?

The Palestinian Internship Program - or “PIP” - is a non-profit registered in the United States as “501(c)(3)” category organization.

Who are the host companies?

The 70+ companies that have participated so far include Google, Intel, HP, Mass Challenge, Reuters, Yamsafer, Medisafe, Takwin - and more join every round! The companies are both multinational and local and are based throughout Israel and Palestine, especially in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Haifa and Nazareth.

Do interns receive a salary from their companies?

Yes. In addition to providing a meaningful employment experience, all host companies pay at least local minimum wage (in Israel: 5,300 Shekels – approximately 1,350 US Dollars – for a full time position).

Why do the companies participate?

Companies participate in PIP because they recognize the talent of PIP interns, view hiring interns as a good business decision, and support PIP’s aim of developing the Palestinian ICT/service sector. The value of the program to companies is demonstrated by the fact that over half of PIP’s interns so far have been offered an extended role at their companies following their internship.

Who can apply?

PIP accepts applications from Palestinian university graduates, particularly in fields related to high-tech, such as ICT/engineering, marketing, finance and business development. Nevertheless, talented and ambitious graduates in all subjects are encouraged to apply. Key requirements are:

  • Desire to gain employment experience in a new and challenging work environment.
  • High personal integrity, professionalism and work ethicBachelor’s degree with a strong grade (most interns are graduates, although some current students are accepted too).
  • English language proficiency.
  • Past work experience (preferred, although not required).
  • Commitment to using skills gained through PIP to building the Palestinian private sector economy, especially the tech sector.

What can I gain from being a PIP intern?

  • Skills and knowledge through high-level work experience at a top company.
  • Workshops led by leading entrepreneurs and innovators (recently from Harvard Business School, Brown University and Battery Ventures).
  • Visits to companies (recently Microsoft, Yamsafer).
  • Networking among PIP’s interns and supporters in the business world.
  • Personal mentoring from a leading figure in your field.
  • Professional support from PIP post-internship, such as references, job referrals and career advice.

What are the stages of applying to PIP?

  1. PIP arranges information sessions for interested applicants. If you’re not able to make it to a session, you’re welcome to write to us with inquiries via the website or Facebook.
  2. We encourage all interested young Palestinian professionals to apply to PIP. Applying to PIP is free and does not mean that that the applicant has committed to participation. Only once accepted to the program does the applicant decide whether or not to commit to joining PIP. Applications are made via the “APPLY NOW” section of our website.
  3. PIP carefully assesses all applications. Applicants that PIP thinks have a good chance of being matched with one of PIP’s host companies are invited to an interview. Given the high number of applications received, PIP is not able to interview all applicants.
  4. Following the interview, PIP selects candidates for its “finalist pool”. “Finalist” candidates are those who PIP deem to be fit for the program and representative of the program values. PIP will then work with these candidates to apply to companies at which he or she is interested in working. Companies will conduct an interview or technical test for candidates.
  5. A company will decide whether or not to make an internship offer to the PIP candidates. If the company makes an offer, the intern then decides whether or not to commit to becoming a PIP intern at the company. If the company decides not to make an internship offer to the intern or the intern decides not to intern at a certain company, PIP will endvor to seek an alternative host company for the candidate.

Once there is a match with a host company, what about the logistics?

  • For interns who require, PIP offers a grant of up to 2,500 Shekels per month for three months to cover travel and/or accommodation near their companies.
  • PIP helps interns negotiate contractual agreements with their host companies.
  • PIP applies for permits to enter Israel for those who require them.

I’m interested in applying! What next?

PIP applications are open on a rolling basis, and accepts applications a few months prior to the start of a new Cycle. Submit your application by clicking the link below, and someone from our team will be in touch with you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you, inshallah!