Advisory Board

In 2017, PIP established an Advisory Board as a framework for key supporters to provide the organization’s Board of Directors and staff with strategic advice and access to new networks. The Advisory Board’s membership is made up of figures from a variety of industries and backgrounds and offers PIP a valuable pool of experience and know-how.

Advisory Board Members:

Fareed Qaddoura
Former CTO, Freightos (a PIP host company)

Itzik Frid
CEO and Managing Partner, Takwin (a PIP host company)

Jeremy Lustman
Partner, DLA Piper (a provider of pro bono support to PIP)

Mohammad Khateeb
President, Bridge Development Group; Founder of Work Factory

Mohenad Itayim

Associate, Sadara Ventures; mentor of PIP interns

Nadine Handal
Master's student, Carnegie Mellon University; PIP intern (2014) at Intel

Sari Taha
Manager, Rawabi City Tech Hub; PIP intern (2014) at Takwin

Yair Lieberthal
Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Thomson Reuters (a PIP host company)

Zach Fenster

Chief of Staff to Executive Chairman, Be'er Itzhak Energy; former PIP Program Director