Check out some of the articles that have featured the Palestinian Internship Program.

Times of Israel

The aim is for these Palestinian interns to soak up the knowledge of how to operate a successful and competitive tech startup and bring this knowledge back home to help build a Palestinian high-tech sector. [full article here]

Inc. Magazine

"This is part of a strategy to develop the Palestinian information and communication technology sector by strengthening the Palestinian human resources and exposing it to international standards and practices," said a USAID spokesperson. [full article here]

The Forward

By exposing [PIP interns] to firms in Israel, [PIP founder Yadin Kaufmann] said, “they could see what a real tech company looks like and gain skills and contacts that could help them come back and develop their companies in the tech sector in the West Bank.” [full article here]

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Intern Nadine Handal, who was placed with Intel in Jerusalem, appreciated the chance to have a “unique multicultural experience” that would help her build connections with high-tech professionals and learn problem-solving and innovative-thinking skills, she says. Handal was offered a position with Intel and plans to continue working for the company. [full article here]

See what companies and former interns are saying:

A few weeks after bringing him [the PIP intern] into the office, we had given him responsibility for building our new customer interface and he had brought about a switch from Hebrew to English among our whole staff. It has been excellent!
— Omri Shor, CEO of Medisafe Project
I was exposed to a new world. I’m doing things I’ve never done before!
— Lina, PIP participant at FreightOS
PIP gave me the chance to turned around my career and enter the hi-tech sector. By working in one of the best VCs in the region, I got inside knowledge about startups and investments. I got to be on the right track and to keep developing my career in the hi-tech industry.
— Mohammad, PIP participant at Lool
I am extremely happy with our PIP Intern. He is proactive, engaged, and a great help to our team.
— Itzik Frid, Managing Partner of Takwin Labs, JVP
PIP gave me the opportunity to work with smart and professional people and gain work experience in an innovative and cutting edge environment. I analyze problems differently now, and this opportunity has opened new doors for me.
— Nadine, PIP participant at Intel