Eighteen companies have hosted Palestinian Internship Program during its first three internship cycles. To date, a majority have been so impressed that they either proposed the internship be extended or hired their interns full-time. PIP interns work in a range of fields including software development, web applications, sales and customer satisfaction, and finance/investment. Host companies have included Intel, HP Indigo, Medisafe, JVP, Freightos, Lool, Thomson Reuters, Hiro Media, Startup Nation Central, Evolero, Imagry, Energiya Global, Beyond Family Office, XLN and Teva Pharmaceuticals. During the internship period workshops on entrepreneurship and business skills have been led by top entrepreneurs as well as figures from Harvard Business School, Dartmouth, and Brown in the US, and Birmingham University in the UK. 

PIP’s pool of candidates comes from a Palestinian economy that boasts an educated and technically talented workforce, with universities producing around 2,000 graduates in IT fields each year. However, the nascent Palestinian technology market only accommodates a small fraction of these aspiring professionals and more than half of these graduates are believed to be unemployed. Therefore, there is a significant pool of educated young people with raw ability and talent who would benefit greatly from exposure to the workings of international ICT and start-up companies. As they finish the internship and return to the Palestinian job market, interns are more skillful, experienced, confident, and ready to make an impact. Now, we’re beginning to recruit interns and host companies for the next cycle – which will start in the Fall/Winter of 2017. Please, join us!

Opportunities for host companies

  • Bring quality young talent into companies, filling roles in software development, sales, finance, and market analysis at leading international and Israeli companies
  • Enable successful Israeli high tech companies to share knowledge, experience, and resources with the Palestinian technology sector
  • Overcome stereotypes in both directions, create foundations for long-term relationships and the exchange of ideas, and engage in corporate social responsibility
  • Introduce Arabic language skills and familiarity with the Arab market to the workplace

Company responsibilities

  • Coordinate with PIP Program Director, and oversee/mentor participants
  • Provide meaningful work assignments and feedback to the interns
  • Employ interns on a three-month contract and pay intern (at least) minimum wage
  • If an intern remains in the company after the internship period, donate to PIP a "finder's fee" (first new month salary) to help keep us sustainable

PIP’s assistance

  • Recruitment, initial interview, screening and proposal of interns
  • Providing interns with a travel or lodging grant
  • Applying for and arranging permits where required
  • Arranging skills development workshops during the internship (one per month)
  • Other support where needed, including drawing on our network of alumni, mentors and high-level Israeli, Palestinian and international supporters