Palestinian Internship Program (PIP)

PIP interns visiting Microsoft's R&D center in 2016

PIP interns visiting Microsoft's R&D center in 2016

The Palestinian Internship Program (PIP) provides young Palestinian professionals with three-month internships at leading multinational hi-tech companies (in their Israel centers) and at several leading Israeli hi-tech companies and venture capital funds. A US-registered entity, PIP is backed by USAID and several other funders.  PIP coordinates internship positions, recruits and evaluates applicants, assists with visas and lodging, and provides ongoing support to the interns through a Program Manager. In addition to the internship, the program arranges value-adding activities including company visits, workshops on entrepreneurship and “soft skills,” and lectures by leading American academics. Through it all, PIP endeavors to bring its corporate partners quality young talent and familiarity with Arab markets while it offers its individual participants the opportunity to grow their knowledge, work experience, and global exposure.

"I teach my Entrepreneurial Process workshops all over the world, and it is hard to imagine a more meaningful context in which I have done so than in the Palestinian Internship Program. The PIP participants were as curious and motivated as any workshop participants I have met. I was proud and excited to lead that first workshop with PIP, and look forward to staying in touch with the PIP participants and leading more workshops with PIP in the future." - Danny Warshay, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Brown University

The following are some highlights of the impact of PIP's first three internship cycles:

  • Despite being highly educated, talented and ambitious, over half of PIP interns were unemployed since graduation or working in part-time or low-skilled labor
  • In PIP's first and third cycles, and equal number of female and male interns participated
  • Through PIP, two-thirds of interns gained their first experience in their chosen fields
  • More than half of the interns from the first two cycles were asked by host companies to remain following the end for their internship
  • One PIP alumnus has already founded a startup, another has received a Fulbright scholarship, a third is studying at the London School of Economics
  • All interns make a long-term commitment to deploying their skills and experience for the benefit of the Palestinian economy